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Mediator plays a key role in our work. They are the bridge between our methodology and the players. His/Her role is essential for the success of the methodology of Football 3, which is based on the principles of communication, decision making, compromising and self-reflection. His/Her tasks include the facilitation of the discussions between players, the observation of match situations, the objective resolution of conflicts and the garant of a just distribution of fair-play points.

Help with the organization and logistics of our match days where you will be in charge of tracking the match results, reminding the teams about their matches, making sure mediators have everything they need, and helping with any other things which may be needed from the main organizer.

Would you like to be in charge of your own team? We can provide you with a special football for development training and then help you find your team to participate in the Fair Play League. The duties of the coach apart from regular coaching, is to accompany the players to match days, insure their safety and wellbeing and finally promote the adhesion of the players to the values and principles of fair-play football.

The ambassador's role is a unique opportunity how to really experience another dimension of football in one month and travel around the Czech republic at the same time. The ambassadors take part in tour of Football for development (usually in June/July) and together with the volunteers from similar organizations from the platform Streetfootballworld (e.g. from Kenya, Cambodia or Colombia) travel through different regions, organize fair play football tournaments, workshops and other cultural events and promote the values of Football for development.

The social workers use the concept of Football for development in their everyday work with children and youth. Join as an NGO or a individual person for a specific region.

Would you like to develop your facilitation and presentation skills? We would like to count on you to talk about Fotbal Pro Rozvoj and be our representative in Universities and public events. We would insure that you have all the material and preparation required.

We would be happy to offer someone with a bit of talent a position of cameraman/photographer for specific events such as football league days, culture events and tour of the ambassadors.

Would you like to help our PR team? Do you like writing articles and making interviews? Contact us if you would like to tell to the public what is Fotbal Pro Rozvoj and what surrounds it.

Would you like to write your thesis about football and development? If you want to measure and research the impact of Fotbal pro Rozvoj in Czech Republic or in a specific region, get in contact with us.

Participate in the preparation and days of the festival which includes screenings, debates, exhibitions, translation, and moderation.

As a football club you can help us in PR, material support or realization of professional trainings for children.

Do you like what we are doing and would you like to offer us media, material or other support? Get in touch with Honza on and let's agree on common cooperation.

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