Thank you Cambodia!


Thank you Cambodia!

Ansley's view:

An addition to the team full of flavour! The campaign always comes with a nice mix of personalities. As we spend weeks together we always find new temperaments and individuals. But this year we added another very special spice to our mix.
We had the privilege to welcome Heang from Cambodia to our team. Hynek as the Czechs like to call him has come to us thanks to the Streetfootballworld network. He is travelling through Europe on the look for new inspirations to bring back home, where he has been involved with football for good activities for many years.

Heang has mingled with the rest of us with such ease right from the start thanks to his jovial attitude, relentless positive mood and supportive approach. It is very simple, you ask Heang to tell you a story and he will crack you up in seconds! He has this ability to turn a banal situation into an endless laugh! Heang has truly marked our memory with his joy, expressions, stories, unexpected questions and comments. Heang has also shared with us many insights into the South East Asian culture and given us the opportunity to realize once more the cultural richness this world can offer. This year the campaign is more than ever a celebration of our multicultural melting-pot.

After 4 weeks with us Haeng will now continue his journey to Switzerland and Germany, where he will visit other organisations. His presence with us will be missed and we wish him a lot of new exciting encounters along his journey and success back home. Fotbal pro Rozvoj can now for sure count on a remarkable addition to its family!

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