Ambassador's Blog: Ready for the Tour 2017


Ambassador's Blog: Ready for the Tour 2017


We said goodbye to the gentle hills of the Olomouc countryside, as the bus drove us off to our first official stop in Ostrava!

The Fotbal Pro Rozvoj 2017 Tour started in high spirits last week. A melting pot of people united in the quaint village of Hlasnice to begin the training for the tour. As per tradition the team is composed of four Kenyan ambassadors who joined us carrying with them their usual contagious enthusiasm and expertise thanks to their work in MYSA (Mathare Youth Sport Association), four excited Czech ambassadors, a jolly Cambodian football for development expert, our dear photographer Ajka and the Fotbal Pro Rozvoj team.

The green and calm surroundings of Hlasnice proved to be the perfect location for our team to get the engine going; for bonding and brainstorming; for local exchanges and ultimately for the preparation of what promises to be an unforgettable and successful month. The international background of the team, the new ideas and new collaborations are the secret ingredients of this 2017 Tour, and we are now more than ready to start sharing them in Ostrava this week during both the workshops and the rewarding Action Day on the 22nd of June!

Stay tuned with us to follow our adventures, progresses and successes, as well discovering the members of the team and their backgrounds!

Read more about our FPR team.


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