Spring tour through Heang's eyes


Spring tour through Heang's eyes


I am Hyang from Cambodia and it is already 2 weeks I am spending time in Czech republic with the project Fotbal pro rozvoj.

Cambodia current king spend all his childhood in Czech Republic and he is able to speak Czech fluently, I could claim that I follow my king’s footstep to explore Czech republic in some extents. Thank you to Fotball pro rozvoj, which got me opportunity through Streetfootballworld by using football as a tool for social impact in the world we live.

After spending first days in Prague I spent, learning and observing from a colleague, his name Bobo from Kenya, who introduce many skills of football for team building and football3 concept to bring youngster together for a discussion. Then we also did a training for the young players of nearby football club FC Slovan Liberec.

It is a bouncing trip; we went off for Hartenberg, made up our plan for a big football action from 15th in June to 15th of July. I got opportunity to install rock on the wall of castle to represent Cambodia for renovation project of Hrad Harternberg, which will be spending about 179 years to complete it.

We extended our journey to Cheb with one of the youth center in there, starting the new concept and methodology with social youth workers in town, introduced new football skills and teambuilding game and we did the practical session with kids in centers and ended up with Football3 game.

We moved from Cheb to Plzen, met up with social youth workers. Such an impressive job from youth workers here, they spend their time around the city, try to connect with kids and youngsters in their target group and get them to center which they can discuss and make consultancy. We got some youngsters, who are interested to play football. We started it well, we didn’t introduce any football drills or Football3,we just played and then, after one half, we started to talk about rules, then had more rules and all decided by them. It was a bit of new innovates but we reached them and make them understand about the concept of football3.

In Pilsner we ended with the spring - preparatory tour and now the real big thing comes - the tour through all the regions with the Czech-Kenyan team of ambassadors.


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