Laureus Sport for Good Summit


Laureus Sport for Good Summit

Fotbal pro Rozvoj took part in the first European Sport for Good Summit organized by Laureus in Stockholm on 22-24.05.2017. The event gathered together more than 40 European leaders and experts in the field of sport for social good. Particular attention was given to the role of sport in addressing the SDG’s set by the UN in the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. The summit was organized around plenary discussions, small group workshops, presentations from scholars, networking sessions and testimonies from the field.

It was an interesting opportunity to meet European leaders and exchange about the individual practices. In small groups we had the chance to discuss more intensively about our local contexts and gather recommendations from other organizations on certain challenges we are facing.

The program was complemented by the interesting inputs from renowned scholars. Dr. Lindsey from the University of Durham has helped us explore the links between the SDGs and sport in Europe, based on his research and book “Enhancing the Contribution of Sport to the Sustainable Development Goals”. And Dr. Schmidt Morten gave us a thorough theoretical framework for the creation of partnerships.

In small cluster groups, we also had the chance to discuss specific topics such as, youth decision making, the work with migrants, social impact measurement and how to keep a sustainable relationship with donors. It was an interesting opportunity to share the different practises and learn about new initiatives.

Finally we had the chance to listen to the inspiring story of a young leader from the organisation “Running charity” in Ireland, who overcame gender discrimination by finding support and confidence in the Irish running programme. It was followed by an interview with famous Italian coach and Laureus Sport for Good ambassador Fabio Capello, who shared some of his experience and insight into the importance of leadership in sports.

The summit was concluded with a large informal networking session, where the participants had an opportunity to have targeted discussions, initiate new partnerships, talk with the organisers and exchange last inputs.


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