Kristína: My three months in Colombia


Kristína: My three months in Colombia

About a year ago I contacted the team of Football for development and asked them if I can join their project. It happened! Three months ago the tour of Football for development ambasadors ended and right after this experience I moved to Colombia. My destination was Tiempo de Juego, an organization which had two representatives in the Czech Republic during the campaign: Brayan and Maleja.

One of my dreams started to become reality there – to be in Latin America – be in Colombia – be part of Tiempo de Juego! This organization was created already 12 years ago in a place called Cazuca where I currently live and work. It uses sport and art to work with children and youth (however participants also can be their parents) and is trying to fulfill their dreams.

Tiempo de Juego adds also something else then just joy and technical skills. Its effort is also to develop psychosocial skills through so called Life skills. It contributes to the personal development of each individual, and (as usually) those, who dedicate more energy move further and get opportunities which they would find by themselves on the street only very rarely.

And what is my role in here? It is a lot of things…it changes all the time according to the events which are ahead – and they are quite a few! I am having classes of English for children on a regular basis, I am taking part in sports activities (football of course!) or even music workshops for children (also when I apparently do not have any music talent). Sometimes I also teach Czech to those who are interested. It sounds interesting or funny to the children…Or wait, not just to the children, to everyone! So they want to learn at least something.

I heard a lot of stories from many people…and each one of them is very poignant. The life here is absolutely different from the one I know from Czech Republic. Eventhough it looks that in Czech Republic the situation is also bad (I do not speak just about the politics but mainly about the social problems), it seems like nothing compared to what I am experiencing here. Right now I am having a feeling that we should be grateful for what we have – the transportation (in Czech republic it‘s a luxury!), education and healthcare (we do not pay thousands for it) and the security (having a phone call on the street is not a matter of danger).

I truly like it in here, both Tiempo de Juego and Colombia. I do not mind at all that the life in here is much more modest and from many points of view also more difficult than in Czech Republic. Actually, it is something that fulfills and enriches me in an incredible way.
I am convinced that it is a huge gift that I made it from Football for development to this place here where I also use football for development.


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