Alberto: My impressions from campaign 2018


Alberto: My impressions from campaign 2018

As every year even in 2018 a bunch of volunteers from different countries traveled around Czech republic to deliver message of football for development. What are the impressions from this year tour of our EVS volunteer Alberto?


They say that a house is based on its foundations. I would say that more important than that, are its tenants.

That’s exactly how I would define the campaign 2018. The tenants. And a house. Or many houses. Different houses, but same tenants, making you feel like a house.

Many things always happen in a house. At all hours. People work, have fun, shower, drink, sing…

This house even traveled both by train and by bus, reaching the deepest corners of the Czech Republic and also passing through its most emblematic cities, leaving its personal print.
It learnt how to adapt and behave to different climates, as well as its different landscapes and people that has visited it during the period that opened its doors, on June 10th until it closed on July 10th, from a farm to and old metallurgic working area, passing by football pitches, empty rooms and crowds around the fire.

Adapting was one of the greatest successes of the house and it is that on it, you could find a minimalist, simple and austere touch as well as a more preponderant touch, with stronger colors, striking and warm, differentiated by countries and characters.
Of course, the plans developed by the architects of the project played a fundamental part in the house and allowed putting in reality everything that should be constructed...

In this house, each and every one of the members worked together in the excavation of it, getting to know them and reaching a level of depth they could not ever have imagined.
This internal excavation allowed them to be more precise when carrying out their tasks. In addition, a good mix is always important when forming the foundations of a house. Since it must be level, understanding what the house needs to stay upright and in this case, to move from one place to another without destabilizing and keep firm.

Moreover, a house must be prepared for factors that cannot be expected, such as storms in the form of criticism or humidity in the shape of moments of tension that could bring shakiness in the house. Eventually the house was spared by any of those.

Finally and when a house is practically finished, it is necessary to add some decoration that will make everyone admires it from outside and, before entering, notices how well this work has been done.

And so it was, anyone in this house was welcome during this month, as much as to dance, play soccer, eat, laugh or just spend valuable time together..
But I would say it is a particular house, in which everyone was welcome and enjoyed it but only certain people felt it was their home.

If something has represented the 2018 campaign has been the feeling of unity, team and group sense of doing things together: a bunch of people, passionate about the same thing and moving as a house, which at the end of the campaign and thanks to the people who collaborated with them, became a Castle.

PS :Curious that one of the activities carried out in this adventure was called Houses ... perhaps these tenants have excavated more for future houses?

The tour of ambassadors is supported by the Czech development agency. Thank you for cooperation!



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