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The roots of our program have always been linked with our international cooperation. It started with the origin of the project in 2006 as our organisation created a campaign for young leaders of the Kenyan organisation MYSA.

Since then our international dimension has been key to our development. We now cooperate at different levels with partners from abroad.

  1. Regional capacity building with our Football for Good Visegrad network, which includes partners from Poland MSIS, Hungary Oltalom and Austria Kicken ohne Grenzen . This partnership features regional youth exchanges, joint events and organisational capacity building. This partnership is supported by the Erasmus+ and Visegrad funds.

  2. Youth exchanges with our German partner Kickfair, a pioneer in the field of youth education through football.

  3. Diverse capacity and knowledge building projects with streetfootballworld, the leading paltform organisation in the field of football for development.

  4. Prevention of radicalization among young people with the FARE network, which builds its expertise in fighting discrimination in football.

  5. Promotion of civic spaces in sports with ISA a Dutch organisation specialized in positive youth development through sport in Europe and abroad.

  6. The application of the concept of social cohesion lab in the sport context and in the region of Olomouc with University and NGO partners from Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

  7. Youth exchanges under the theme of peace at the Global peace games led by the Children football alliance in the UK and Groep Intro in Belgium.

All together we believe in the power of football to change lives positively. Therefore we join forces internationally to achieve our goals and strenghen our capacities on the ground.



Ansley Hofmann

project manager
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Veronika Dobrovská

communications manager
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