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Beyond our local involvement we also have created strong partnerships internationally.
Firstly thanks to our yearly youth leadership campaign, over the years we have seen youth from MYSA (Kenya), Tiempo de Juego (Colmbia) and Salt Academy (Cambodia) participate in our programs.

Moreover since 2016 we are part of the worldwide network of streetfootballword, which unites more than 120 organisations around the world that promote positive social change through football. Together with streetfootballworld and the Erasmus+ fund we have launched 2 initiatives which promote the usage and practise of Football3 and another one that fosters the employability skills of youth through football.

We have also created strong partnerships in Central Europe. Firstly with our polish partners of MSIS, with whom we cooperate in the development of a fair-play program throughout Poland and work together to improve the online usability for the organisation of football3 matches, tournaments and training sessions. Secondly since 2018 we have launched a Visegrad partnership, which enable the organisation of joint event and youth exchanges between Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Finally we also closely cooperate with Kickfair, a german organisation which is pioneer in the field of youth education through football. Together we will also create a platform for youth leader exchanges.



Sonia Ennafaa

national projects coordinator
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Ansley Hofmann

international projects coordinator
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